Centerview Baptist Church is a military-friendly church.  All of our pastors are retired military and a large portion of the congregation is either active duty or retired as well.  The Deployed Spouse’s ministry is designed to meet the needs of military members, civilian contractors, and their families serving our country. 


We provide ministry through our monthly Deployed Spouses event.  This dinner is designed for you to have some “down time” and allow us to feed you and watch your children.  We also are available to help you with home repair, yard work and the myriad other things that you might need while your spouse is deployed. 


For any questions, please contact church office at (910) 347-6691 or



Upcoming Events

  • Monthly deployed spouse meal, usually on a Friday evening at 6:00pm, called “Mom’s Night Out.”  This meal is also open to our widows and single mothers.
  • Tuesday morning and evening Bible studies are available with free child care.  See monthly newsletter for details. 


Resources to assist you during this difficult time

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